Important to check the position of planets for deciding whether a person should move towards a government job. I have provided some details, stating the role of planets regarding predicting the probability of securing a Government Job in astrology.

The Sun and the Moon play a very vital role while deciding whether an individual will get a Government Job or not. Sun and the Moon are the two royal planets in astrology. The Sun takes the lead in the Planetary Kingdom and represents the Government. Hence to know whether an individual will get Government Job or not, it is necessary to check the position of the Sun in one’s birth chart.

Though Saturn does not represent government Jobs specifically it is an overall significator or Karaka for a career.
Moon is the third planets that play an important role while deciding whether an individual is destined to get a government job in astrology. Moon assists the sun, in the charts of Bureaucrats, Moon is very prominent. The presence of a strong Moon and Sun in horoscope increases the chances of getting a government job.

For getting a government job in police or Military service, the position of Mars should be favorable in one’s birth chart.

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