If you’ve ever read your horoscope or had your birth chart done, you probably know all about making predictions for your own life based on the position of the planets. If you are pregnant or you plan to get pregnant, you may be wondering if the same technique can be used to make predictions for your unborn child. Read through this article to learn how you can read your birth chart to get an insight into your pregnancy, childbirth, and overall health. Keep in mind that astrology can't replace medical advice, and many predictions are open to interpretation.

Marriage is deemed to be complete after a child is born to the couple. Giving birth to a child helps in keeping the family legacy going on. The birth of a child to a married couple brings about immense joy to them and their entire life will revolve around rearing the child into a human being having good values in life. Still, at times there may be some couples who are not able to beget any progeny.

Child and pregnancy prediction is a part of Vedic astrology which helps foretell if the couple will be able to beget progeny or not. The horoscopes of both the partners need to be studied to predict child birth from horoscope. Also, there are astrological remedies for child birth problems in spite of no medical problems being found.


1st House : When a woman needs to become pregnant, she should be in good health and if there is some bad effects on ascendant or ascendant lord it may affect the health of the woman. A strong ascendant indicates good health and a strong desire to achieve something in the horoscope of the woman.


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