Health issues seen using astrology

Can astrology help in finding health issues? Yes. Health Astrology reads about various body parts, human physiology, and illnesses associated with the 12 astrological zodiac signs and the nine planets. After analyzing your horoscope, an astrologer may make out what type of diseases you are vulnerable to and which planet is responsible for your health conditions.

Planets seen for health are the Moon, Sun, and the ascendant of a person. If these three are strong, then one is likely to enjoy good health and vice versa. The Sun signifies immunity in a person, so if a person has an afflicted or weak sun, the he or she is likely to have a weak immune system and fall ill often. Similarly, the Moon represents your mental and emotional health. A strong moon helps a person overcome several obstacles in life with much ease. This helps a person enjoy sound health. The ascendant is your personality, and if the ascendant or ascendant lord is under malefic presence, then a person can't enjoy a healthy life.

Health issues sometimes can be beyond repair or involve exorbitant expenses, both have far reaching impact. Learn more on how to see health from birth chart. It can be logical to get your health horoscope checked well in time.

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