In a horoscope of a business man if Mercury is afflicted with bad Saturn or Rahu, then also the person will land in great debt despite what his outward appearances may portray.

If the 11th house of a native’s chart is affected by a malefic Saturn or Rahu, then it makes a person of such kind that the person can’t resist taking loans.

If Saturn, Rahu, and Jupiter influence the 6th house, then also one finds it difficult to repay his debts.

If Mercury and Jupiter are weak planets in your horoscope, then never take loans in your name rather make your mother, daughter, wife, or your second child to share that loan.

People with strong Sun. So, people with exalted Sun must not donate any objects signifying the Sun as it will hamper the good affects of the Sun and can push them into debts which they may not repay.

In general.

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